Automate Business Processes

GigaSoft has been into software development ever since inception, much before web became a de facto standard for application development! This understanding of legacy desktop applications has helped us develop and build solutions for customers which have rich features found in desktop applications, added with the flexibility and speed of operation required for online applications.


A complete insurance policy management system for Insurance Brokers having all features to manage all Type (Life & All General) of Policies.

Features include Policy holder contact Management, Insurance Policy and Renewal Reminder Management, Insurance Company wise commission management and much more

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A complete solution for college Management from admission to student attendance and internal assessment remarks.

Features include Student Admission management, XII Result Verification, Fee management, Fee Refund/Concession (Category wise fee management) and much more

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A complete solution for HR management. This solution having all feature and details to management employee details hire to Retire.

Features include Employee contact details Management, Recruitment and Selection Management, Compensation and Benefits Management, Leaves and Holidays Management and much more

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Client contact management solution having all features to store client contact details, documents, follow up and internal users Task and Follow up

Features include Contact details management, Client Follow up, Auto Birth day and Anniversary Reminder, Document Management, Tax Invoice and Retail Invoice and much more

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Gigasoft SMS Manager

Gigasoft™ SMS Manager is an easy-to-use Windows based Bulk SMS messaging software that can be used to send bulk SMS to a list of mobile phone numbers from your PC or Laptop using NOKIA mobile handset* (GSM/CDMA) connected to the serial port using data cable.

The list of phone numbers can be either manually entered or imported from a text file, Excel worksheet or Access database.

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Document Management System

Online Document Management of Internal documents as well as External documents like customer contracts can be made very easy and flexible. With any time, any where availability, documents can be scanned and bulk uploaded to the software. Only the authorized person can see the documents. In addition, documents can be categorized into virtual folders for easier sorting and categorization.

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Legacy Softwares / Case Studies

These software are no longer in active development

Book Distribution Management

Book publishers and distributors require sales executives to tour and meet teachers and educate them about the latest books being released for education courses. This requires multi-level information of schools and teachers for various courses. Our software provides the facility to manage multiple addresses and contacts across departments and locations for an organisation, thus making the process of reporting very efficient for the sales manager.

Directory Publishing Software

Print directories are one the largest medium of trade information in countries all over the world. In india itself more than 3 million directories are printed every year by various data management companies. Directory Publishing Software provides a fast, simple and user friendly interface to collect, sort and print not just the company listings but also manage the Advertisement positions, sizes and frequency in the directory. A strong database management system ensures that every listing can be tracked down till the sales person who gets the details from companies and can be managed


We develop and deploy BPM solutions for our clients all over India and abroad. Using latest technology platforms like ASP.NET on Windows and PHP on Linux, we provide the best of breed solutions for solving business problems faced on day-to-day basis by various Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as Large Enterprises.

Productivity Management Software

Productivity Management Software is a tool to measure and manage the productivity of an organization from a single screen. Top managers can at any point of time track the revenues, sales, target achievements, profits and net productivity of the organization. The reporting is available for individual person, department as well as complete organization.

Restaurant Management System

Restaurant table, bulk or home delivery orders are taken by the front end staff at the counter. Operator can see a list of items (dishes) available for sale. He/she adds the dish from list as per the order and enters a KOT number, which is the slip number of the waiter (for regular table orders). Special instructions for each dish can be entered. Once the order is taken, operator prints the rough bill which is given in the kitchen. If the kitchen has a separate printer for orders then administrator can set the kitchen printer separate from billing printer so that the order directly prints in the kitchen.

Business Process Management

We develop and deploy BPM solutions for our clients all over India and abroad. Using latest technology platforms like ASP.NET on Windows and PHP on Linux, we provide the best of breed solutions for solving business problems faced on day-to-day basis by various Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as Large Enterprises.

Sales Route Planning Software for Pharma Industry

Sales and Marketing oriented industries like pharmaceuticals require managers to do extensive planning for route management of each sales person. This software provides the facility to define territories for route planning, thus making the planning process very productive.

Enterprise Resource Planning and Management

Organisations today rely more and more on software solutions to manage their internal and external processes including production, sourcing, order processing, stock management, payment collections, sales tracking and so on. Enterprise Resource Planning and Management softwares are a suite of solutions to help companies manage and control these processes. Our solutions aim at providing the power of technology to companies in managing their businesses more efficiently while controlling limited resource allocations, to achieve maximum profitability!

Order Processing and Stock Management Software

This Software is specially made for managing the various steps in order processing and stock management. This software is modular in design and is web enabled for remote access as well as intranet usage without the need to install in every machine.

Payment Collection Software

Payment Management Software eases the life of a SME company by providing the means to record each and every payment transacted between a supplier and vendor.

Now you can manage all your payments online:

  • Anywhere, from your office or your home
  • Anytime, during office hours or before/ after office hours
  • Have complete Freedom from maintaining accounts on books or pieces of paper!

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