Thin Client

Low Cost Thin Client Computer for Just Rs. 4500/-

Ultramini BLX

  • Server Requirement
  • Pentium-IV or Higher
  • Internet
  • 10/100Mbps on board normal RJ45Type.
  • Port
  • DC Power Jack, Speaker Jack, PS2 Keyboard
  • LAN Speed Required
  • 28-30 Kbps
  • OS Support
  • Win XP Pro, Win2000 Pro, Win2003,
  • Price
  • Rs 4500/-

Thin Client offer many benefits over conventional setup. It brings in multi-pronged benefits:

  • No Hard Disk or any other media required.
  • Low Hardware configuration requirement (Anything from PI/32 MB RAM onwards).
  • No UPS required on nodes.
  • Never require an upgrade on the nodes.
  • Reduced Power consumption on Nodes.
  • No Disk Crashes.
  • No Virus Problems to be fought on each desktop.
  • NPractically Zero Down times.
  • Easy Software Maintenance.
  • Low Maintenance as no moving parts left.
  • Easy and better Administration.
  • Centralized Data Control and accumulation.
  • Software licensing and control.
  • User Rights, policy deployment as per the Domain Controller setting up.
  • User can switch machines with out any problem.
  • Setting up a new user is a breeze.
  • Less than 10 minutes of installation time.
  • Can support local printer, CD Drives and USB devices.
  • You can use thin client to expand as you grow.
  • No limit on no of machines which can be configured in Thin Client.
  • Can make Server Clusters to expand into multiple server solution.
  • All machines work at the performanceof the Server
  • Low Network traffic
  • Applications like Tally work better than even the normal client-server.
Thin Client Technology

Thin Client technology is based on the principal of “Optimum Use” of “Available Computing Power”. Current generation P-IV, Duo Core and other such powerful processors based machines have enough computing power to serve many users concurrently in a general business environment using word processors, spreadsheets, emails, internet, accounting software, ERP etc. If you see the CPU Usage history in the performance meter, it normally lies at 1-4% level. This clearly indicates that there is enough power which can be optimally utilized for more users.

Thus, in a Thin Client Solution we setup a machine with good processing power & RAM as a Server. All software programs are loaded on the Servers. The Nodes (without any hard disk and with minimal processing power) are connected together through a standard RJ45 Networking. The Nodes use the computing power of the server and thus allows you to run high end applications with phenomenal performance on low end and even old hardware.

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