Sell Products Or Services Online

E-Business Makes Sense

Customers today want to buy more and more products online. Not just retail, but also in wholesale quantities. Ordering on the web from a trusted company gives lots of benefits to buyer as well as seller. Instant order confirmation, history of transactions, analysis of customer buying behaviour, hourly order tracking and cash less payment (via credit card or debit card) are just a few of the many facilities on online trading.

Online Product Catalog

Online Product Catalog

This Deadline Got Over Yesterday

These days companies come up with new products very frequently. Marketing and Sales team wants the product launched and promoted as fast as possible to generate maximum sales and return on investment. With static websites the launch depends on coordination between Marketing and IT department, and the speed at which new pages are developed and uploaded on to company website. But this surely takes time, precious time which marketing would rather use in promoting the product!

This Is Why You Need Online Product Catalogs

Using online product catalogs, an authorised person in marketing, sales or IT team can simply log in to the Website Administration Panel, update the product details, upload product images, publish latest advertisements or price corrections instantly. An online database manages the information 24x7 and instantly accepts upgraded information, all with the click of a few buttons!

Use of Online Product Catalogs
Online Shopping

Online Shopping Cart Systems

Also called Enquiry Cart or simply Cart, Shopping Carts are online equivalents of the device which helps you to collect desired products in a place and then check out for payment.

Online shopping cart is usually a part of the product catalog system but can also be an add-on component i.e. paypal cart button. A typical shopping cart application will contain:

  •   Product Catalog Management
  •   User Login Management
  •   User Billing Details Management
  •   User Shipping Address Management
  •   Payment Gateway Integration Mechanism
  •   Order Tracking and History Management

E-Commerce Is The Next Step Of An Online Product Catalog

With payments integrated to online catalog, you can easily sell your products via internet and meanwhile showcase latest products before they reach the shelves of traditional retailers. This also helps in increasing customer loyalty since you can showcase latest products, test latest offers or invite traditional customers for online surveys!

e Commerce payment processing is provided by a host of banks and service providers. Following is a brief list of Indian banks as well as International service providers who provide payment gateways for online payments:

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

  •   AirPay
  •   RazorPay
  •   PayU
  •   Tech Process
  •   Citrus
  •   Atom Technologies
  •   ccAvenue
  •   ICICI Bank
  •   Axis Bank
  •   HDFC Bank
  •   American Express
  •   Paypal
  •   Google Checkout