Website Designing

Static Websites are the easiest and fastest way to start your online presence.

Static websites are basically websites without any interactive element like registration, forums etc. A typical corporate website giving information about the company to potential customers is an example of a static website. Despite the name, static websites can be very attractive in look and feel, and are usually more interesting to go through than many so called dynamic database driven websites. Elements like animation via banners, slide shows, scrolls along with interesting use of colors, backgrounds, illustrations and diagrams makes static websites the best tool to promote a starting or growing business!

With the coming-of-age of Content Management Systems like Word Press, Joomla and Customised CMS system static websites might appear to be a dying breed, but in fact, a large part of website made today are still static. The basic reason behind this is usually the lack of skills, time and man-power to maintain a CMS website. Also, as a starting point, static websites are cost effective and virtually hassle free to maintain.

We also offer customised website solutions when you need more features. As your business grows, you can easily upgrade from within these packages!

Website Re-Designing

Website Re-Designing

But I painted my house last year!

You put so much time and effort in choosing agency, approving designs, collecting content and finalising your website. Not even a year has passed and your website looks bland compared to your largest competitor. And to add salt to injury, there website ranks better than yours! It's time to re-design!

Redesigning is the hard fact of internet life of a company. But it does not always have to be a cumbersome task! After all, you already know what you don't like about your old site, and you also know what you like about the competition's website!

What remains is to tie-up the loose ends and give a new look and feel to your trusted old website, by just re-aligning the components, adding new areas and promoting the website effectively on search engines.

Website Maintenance

Because change is the only thing constant!

As internet becomes mainstream medium for interaction, more and more companies are understanding that updated websites are very important for their business. Be it regularly updated product catalog or latest press release, fresh ideas or re-written company profile, regular updation of your website serves more than one purpose.

Your customers know you are alive and active, your shareholders know you are responsible, your prospective customers know you are successful and search engines know you are updated (which effective lead to higher rankings and higher sales leads!).

But all this requires a dedicated content manager or IT professional. Dedicated man power is an added cost. This is where we come in! For a marginal fee, we manage your website annually, ensuring you focus on your business while your online effort gives you returns!

Website Maintenance