Email Campaign Management

Search engine promotion is all about pulling traffic to your website. e-Newsletters on the other hand is a way of permission based promotion where you invite your visitors to subscribe for a regular newsletter update which is sent to their email address.

Email campaigns are another effective medium to reach prospective or clients. It is a means of pushing information to the viewer. Usually campaigns are done internally during festive seasons, companywide launch of a product or to distribute internal company newsletter.

To make the entire email campaign management process simple and easy to use, we've created an online tool for you, Mailer For Business

email campaign management service
email campaign management service

Some of the features for Mailer For Business are:

  •   Software as a Service (SAAS), no installation required
  •   Simple WYSIWYG (HTML / Text) Editor to compose mails
  •   In-built throttle control to manage gap between mails
  •   Arrange mails in groups to sort recipients intuitively
  •   Send mail to multiple mail groups simultaneously
  •   Detailed reports include date of mail recieved
  •   Multiple Verified Sender Email addresses allowed
  •   FREE Trial of 25 emails for 30 days! Try Now!