PIR 120 deg & OCCUPANCY 360 deg

Surface Mount Single Load High Quality Motion Sensor

  • Main Occupancy Sensor works to detects human body movement.
  • Light LUX Level sensor detects light level of the area installed.
  • Green Premium product, Toxic heavy metal free, Mercury free

Using this Occupancy Sensor, we can save energy by turning off lights in Vacant area automatically. Occupancy Sensor is also useful for night time when switchboard is not visible to turn on light, Sensor turns on light automatically. With the help of Occupancy sensor you can avoid switching lights with wet hands.



GSM Shutter Guard

The gadget monitors operation of shutter - open and close status, with help of mechanical inbuilt sensor, if someone tries to cut shutter

PIR Occupancy Sensor

Flyser PIR 120° Fall sealing Mount Single Load Occupancy Sensor, Quality Room Motion Sensor, Green Premium Product. Branded Motion Detector.

Occupancy Sensor

Flyser Occupancy 360° Surface Mount Single Load High Quality Motion Sensor.

Integrated Sensor Lighting

Used in commercial and residential area (Lobby, Hallway, Parking, Laundry Room, Stairwell, Garage, Corridors, Warehouse etc.)