Web hosting on windows or linux servers

When was the last time you bought a house?

In real world, land is the most precious commodity (Under sea pipelines don't count here!). In virtual world (Internet), Web space is the most precious commodity.

Buy a disputed land and you will always have problem with authorities. Similarly buy space from a un-ethical Web Hosting Service Provider, and you will always face problems like bandwidth choking, server time outs, websites becoming inaccessible for days etc.. Considering all these factors, we have hosted our Linux and Windows servers in world's largest data centers in USA. This gives you the benefit of largest bandwidth, excellent technical support by trained professionals, regular data backup, in-built anti-spam and anti-virus software, 99.99% uptime, 24x7 problem resolution support and fastest web server software upgrades.

Web Hosting

We provide following web hosting options:

Traditional Web Hosting
  •   Shared Web Server Hosting
  •   Virtual Private Server Hosting
  •   Dedicated Server Hosting
Cloud Hosting
  •   Amazon Web Services
  •   Google Cloud Hosting
  •   Microsoft Azure
Professional Email Server Hosting
  •   cPanel based Email server
  •   SmarterMail Server
  •   Google GSuite
Web hosting and server technology

Web hosting and server technology is changing at a fast pace. Some of the latest and stable server types available are:

  •   Windows Server
  •   CentOs 
  •   RedHat Linux
  •   Ubuntu 

If you are interested in web hosting solutions, please contact us or use our web hosting purchase utility to purchase the hosting solution of your choice!